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"Peeves," he said, in a hoarse whisper, "the Bloody Baron has his own reasons for being invisible."

"We'd better put the cloak on here, and make sure it covers all three of us -- if Filch spots one of our feet wandering along on its own --"

"If we just do a bit of poking around --"

"He is with me wherever I go," said Quirrell quietly. "I met him when I traveled around the world. A foolish young man I was then, full of ridiculous ideas about good and evil. Lord Voldemort showed me how wrong I was. There is no good and evil, there is only power, and those too weak to seek it.... Since then, I have served him faithfully, although I have let him down many times. He has had to be very hard on me." Quirrell shivered suddenly. "He does not forgive mistakes easily. When I failed to steal the stone from Gringotts, he was most displeased. He punished me... decided he would have to keep a closer watch on me...."

"For the best! What is that to do with us? Centaurs are concerned with what has been foretold! It is not our business to run around like donkeys after stray humans in our forest!"


After a good night's sleep, Harry felt nearly back to normal.

Every time one of their men was lost, the white pieces showed no mercy. Soon there was a huddle of limp black players slumped along the wall. Twice, Ron only just noticed in time that Harry and Hermione were in danger. He himself darted around the board, taking almost as many white pieces as they had lost black ones.

"That's chess!" snapped Ron. "You've got to make some sacrifices! I take one step forward and she'll take me -- that leaves you free to checkmate the king, Harry!"

"You've had nearly fifteen minutes, now OUT" she said firmly.

"It's sort of secret," he said, but he wished at once he hadn't, because Professor McGonagall's nostrils flared.


Harry swallowed -- now what?

"I wish I knew what this means!" he burst out angrily. "My scar keeps hurting -- it's happened before, but never as often as this."

At this, Neville let out a little moan, and Malfoy stopped dead in his tracks.

"Yeah, but I was meanin' anythin' unusual a bit nearer home, said Hagrid. "So yeh haven't noticed anythin' strange?"

And he scooted off


"A bit," said Hermione timidly.

"We'll just have to --" Harry began, but a voice suddenly rang across the hall.

"Probably," said Harry. "They don't look very vicious, but I suppose if they all swooped down at once... well, there's no other choice... I'll run."

"I've just thought of something," said Harry. He had turned white. "We've got to go and see Hagrid, now."

"Harry Potter, do you know what unicorn blood is used -for?"


"I'm not going in that forest, he said, and Harry was pleased to hear the note of panic in his voice.

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It was the best evening of Harry's life, better than winning at Quidditch, or Christmas, or knocking out mountain trolls... he would never, ever forget tonight.


"Not the Stone, boy, you -- the effort involved nearly killed you. For one terrible moment there, I was afraid it had. As for the Stone, it has been destroyed."


"We had to, Neville, no time to explain," said Harry.,


"Go to Madam Pomfrey," Hermione suggested.;

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"But Harry -- what if You-Know-Who's with him?"


"This is where I leave you," Firenze murmured as Hagrid hurried off to examine the unicorn. "You are safe now."


"Looks like a harp," said Ron. "Snape must have left it there."


Shaking, Harry moved three spaces to the left.,


"And did he -- did he seem interested in Fluffy?" Harry asked, try ing to keep his voice calm.;


"Lucky!" shrieked Hermione. "Look at you both!"

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"That wasn' no werewolf an' it wasn' no unicorn, neither," said Hagrid grimly. "Right, follow me, but careful, now."

綠容戰疫進行時(六)| “集合!全力應戰!”壹壹我們的戰疫約定

They didn't meet anyone else until they reached the staircase up to the third floor. Peeves was bobbing halfway up, loosening the carpet so that people would trip.

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"You let Professor Dumbledore in...",


Whatever Professor McGonagall had expected, it wasn't that. The books she was carrying tumbled out of her arms, but she didn't pick them up. "How do you know --?" she spluttered.;


"You!" gasped Harry.。


Harry looked at the tiny bottle.?


He tried to edge to the left, to get in front of the glass without Quirrell noticing, but the ropes around his ankles were too tight: he tripped and fell over. Quirrell ignored him. He was still talking to himself. "What does this mirror do? How does it work? Help me, Master!"(央视记者 徐海霞)


"But this is servant stuff, it's not for students to do. I thought we'd be copying lines or something, if my father knew I was doing this, he'd。

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"Right then," said Hagrid, "now, listen carefully, 'cause it's dangerous what we're gonna do tonight, an' I don' want no one takin' risks. Follow me over here a moment."。


Harry swallowed -- now what?。


"We want to see Professor Dumbledore," said Hermione, rather bravely, Harry and Ron thought.?

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"So light a fire!" Harry choked.(央视记者 徐海霞)

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Harry jumped to his feet, caught Quirrell by the arm, and hung on as tight as he could. Quirrell screamed and tried to throw Harry off -- the pain in Harry's head was building -- he couldn't see -- he could only hear Quirrell's terrible shrieks and Voldemort's yells of, "KILL HIM! KILL HIM!" and other voices, maybe in Harry's own head, crying, "Harry! Harry!"。


"He saved his life."。

逃離隔離點! 5人跳窗1人骨折,結果:全部被抓

"Severus?" Quirrell laughed, and it wasn't his usual quivering treble, either, but cold and sharp. "Yes, Severus does seem the type, doesn't he? So useful to have him swooping around like an overgrown bat. Next to him, who would suspect p-p-poor, st-stuttering P-Professor Quirrell?"。


Hermione let out a great sigh and Harry, amazed, saw that she was smiling, the very last thing he felt like doing.?

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Ron went purple in the face; he looked like a radish with a bad sunburn.(央视记者 徐海霞)

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"You must come and stay this summer," said Ron, "both of you -- I'll send you an owl."。


"They'll all forget this in a few weeks. Fred and George have lost loads of points in all the time they've been here, and people still like them."。

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